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Paras Lifestyles
Corporate Governance

Paras Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd as a whole is committed to conduct its business in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations and with highest standards of business ethics. Our policy guides and helps us in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues, provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct, and to help foster a culture of honesty and accountability.

The Company’s philosophy on Corporate Governance is built on a rich legacy of fair, transparent and effective governance. This includes respect for human values, individual dignity and adherence to honest, ethical and professional conduct. This enables customers and all stake holders to be partners in the Company’s growth and prosperity.

The directors, managers, officers and employees of the Company must not only comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations but should also promote honest and ethical conduct of the business. They must abide by the policies and procedures that govern the conduct of the Company’s business.

Paras Lifestyles
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